Bhutan, the land of “Thunder Dragon” is a small landlocked country located in South Asia. Bhutan is a Himalayan kingdom located between China to the north and India to the south and is one of the smallest country in the world. Bhutan is about 300 km wide and 150 km long and it is the home for many virgin Mountain peaks, flora and fauna and ancient Buddhist Culture.  More than 70 percent of Bhutan is covered with forest and these forests are populated with about 200 species of mammals, around 700 species of birds and endangered animals like Royal Bengal tiger and White Belied Heron. Bhutan is a peaceful and beautiful country with the population of about 7, 00,000 people. Bhutan is an agricultural country with around 60 percent of the people involving in agriculture and rearing cattle.

The Bhutanese people hold deep religious belief and the Bhutanese culture is deeply influence by Buddhism. The Bhutanese people usually live in joint family and have respect and obedience to elders and love towards the Youngers. People here in Bhutan cultivate wheat, buckwheat barley and maize however rice is the major diet.

The altitude of Bhutan ranges from 300m to 7,000m above sea level. There are three climate zones within Bhutan: The subtropical zone in south, temperate zone in the central and alpine region in the north. Bhutan experiences all four seasons and weather condition change frequently due to mountain terrain and altitude variation. Autumn and spring are the best seasons to visit Bhutan.

Bhutan is an ancient land and it began modern development in early sixties while first official tourists arrived in mid-seventies. Bhutan follows the policy of environmental friendly and social and culturally acceptable Tourism industry. Bhutan is peaceful country to visit and people feel happier to treat their guests with unmatched hospitality.

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