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Experience Trekking in Nepal trips to Everest, Annapurna with expert trekking guide, Mr. Prem/ Badri Pant serving satisfied trekkers since 1999.

Trekking to Nepal is popular among the Himalayan lovers and trekkers around the world. Nepal is sandwiched between India and Tibet (China), centring on ~84 oE ~26 oN. The country is roughly rectangular with a length of 880km and breadth of just 200km. The altitude ranges from 60m above sea level in the south to Everest’s 8 848m in the north.

This huge altitude range has a dramatic effect on climate, weather patterns and temperatures – which greatly affect the trekking regions and the best times for treks. 80% of Nepal’s rain falls during the Monsoon Season: ~ mid June to mid September. From December-February, it can be bitterly cold at high altitudes.

The sandwich was created by the, ongoing, northward tectonic thrust of India under Asia (begun ~60 million years ago). The upward thrust of the Himalayan chain has been most rapid in the last two million years. Today, India continues to move north and under Asia at ~50mm/year and the mountains rise at ~4mm/year. (The recent earthquakes shifted Everest ‘back southeast’ 30mm!).

17% of the whole 2 800km Himalayan – Karakorum Range is covered with glaciers. The melt water feeds ten of Asia’s great rivers and over 1¼ billion people in the surrounding countries. (2, 2% of the Alps are covered in ice.) Trekking in Nepal have more packages with different region such as Everest Region, Annapurna Region, Manaslu Region and so on. Each region have packages among them Everest Base Camp Trek and Annapurna Base Camp Trek are the popular packages of trekking.

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